Ardmore derives from the Gaelic word for ‘high place’ and is Latin for zealous or ardent;
it is this passion and energy that has driven Fée Halsted to strive for excellence since her earliest days. In 1990, Fée and Bonnie Ntshalinthshali were jointly awarded the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award, the first such artistic partnership ever to be recognised.


Since then, Bonnie’s friends and relatives have joined Ardmore and today 70 talented Zulu, Sotho and Zimbabwean artists work under Fee’s mentorship at Caversham Studio in the 

KZN Midlands.  Ardmore is not just about ceramics, it is about the artists who have grown in self-worth throughout the years. Each artist has been inspired by the creativity of those who have gone before and, in turn, pass their knowledge onto others.


We truly work in the spirit of ubuntu – “we are because of others”. Today, Ardmore Ceramic Art is recognised as a luxury brand, is considered a modern day collectable by auction houses Christies, Bonhams and Sothebys and its works are housed in galleries across the world.

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